Entrepreneur Parole set to begin on July 17, 2017 DELAYED UNTIL MARCH 2018 by the Trump Administration

In order to enhance job creation the Department of Homeland Security has been granted the discretionary authority to parole into the United States individuals who can enhance innovation, and job creation.

How does one qualify for entrepreneur parole?  Eligible Entrepreneurs of startup enterprises who have a significant ownership interest in the business and are positioned due to his or her knowledge, skills, or experience to assist the entity grow.

What types of businesses Qualify?  The business must have been formed in the past five years and the startup must be able to demonstrate potential for rapid business growth and job creation.

What is a significant ownership interest?  at least 10 percent and have an active and central role in the business operations.

How do you demonstrate potential for rapid business growth and job creation? investment of capital ($250,000) from qualified U.S. investors with established records of successful investments or significant awards or grants from certain federal state or local government entities, or a partial combination of both.  In order to establish job creation requirement will have to establish that at least 5 full time jobs have been created

How long will be parole be granted?  Initially parole will be granted for two years with the potential of renewal for up to three years

Will I receive a work permit? Yes

Can my family join me? Yes

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